Winding up on Willow

It’s almost strange to call this project done, when I first showed up at the Willow property in Brantford the last snowfall of the winter was barely clinging to the ground. I entered a large but dated house complete with a ratty brown couch still in the living room and everything marked to be demo’d with bright orange spray paint. At the time it was harder than usual to see how this would come together, but as always the work began and the things became more clear over time.

New wall framing here, floor torn up there , a gutted basement made bare for new rooms. Nothing was out of the ordinary until I saw the work being done to the exterior. It was now clear that there was a full transformation of the property going on. The worn and faded brick facade became a sleek vinyl siding, the roof was replaced, the facia was replaced. The transformation was so drastic that the project caught the eyes of nearby houses and passersby , the point that people unrelated to the project were telling us how good it looked.

The work went on and the seasons changed , and here we are at the tail end of summer with on of the more unique duplex conversations we’ve done. One side of the property is what we call the split-side unit, which is made up of four distinct levels. The main entrance leads upstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms and down a level to the main living area and kitchen. Below that is the sunken laundry room which contains a separate entrance to a private backyard for the unit.

The second unit we call the bungalow. The living area, kitchen and bathroom are all located on the main floor but this unit gets most of the properties basement which includes an additional bedroom, living space and bathroom.

And so we sign off on another conversation reno, one of the biggest ones we’ve done in fact. Inside and out we’ve updated the property into a house that turns head and literally has people talking. Check out the pictures and video and if you would like to see a more in depth breakdown of the home including the financials, you can head on over to The REI Contractor. Thank you to the owner Dan for taking us on for this project, rest up , catch your breath and call us for the next one.

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