Crossing off Carlton

What we do is basically a game of renovation whack-a-mole, as soon as we knock one out , one or two or even three more pop up. That is to say, things are going good. But we’re are also always happy to see another project completed and see happy clients who can use their income properties for just that, income.

This project had a couple difficulties, first off the whole project was done through the winter with tenants already in the upper unit which of course creates complications with everything from noise to service shut offs. But as with all things , some consideration and planning saw it through with minimal inconvenience for everyone involved.

The unit being in St.Catharines of course has all the extra considerations with regards to fire proofing, but also required so rearranging of the HVAC in order to meet the legal requirements for head height and is why you will see electric baseboard heating throughout the unit. All things considered we are happy with how everything turned out and i’m sure the owner is happy to get the second unit of their property rented and bringing in income.

Finally would just like to point out how spacious the design of this unit is. The bedrooms each have their own large closets and the bathroom is much larger than the typical one you’d see in a unit of this size. The people who move into this unit are sure to love that.

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