Owner Jon
Owner Bill

Black Jack Contracting Inc was never something that was planned. Jon was an electrical contractor running his business taking on jobs as they came, thriving but always on the lookout for the next thing. Bill ever the road scholar, was home after years travelling abroad working with his best friend make money and plan his next move. As with many great things sometimes all that was needed was an opportunity. Jon and Bill had been taking on many basement rewires and the most recent batch got them thinking. Numerous delays, frustrations, mismanagement and missed chances had them asking a question many people ask  “Could we do this better?” And while many of us will just say this Jon and Bill decided to try.

 They took on their first legal basement suite renovation and within 48 hours they had registered their company Black Jack Contracting Inc. In the beginning  our name was a bit of a dig at ourselves, how we had jumped in with two feet taking quite the gamble.

Within a short time the meaning of this name changed. After several successful renovations it became clear that we were here to stay in the general contracting game, and that our motto held true through each of our jobs that when you dealt with Black Jack it wasn’t a gamble in fact when you dealt with Black Jack “The House Always Wins.”

We are now into our third year as general contractors and have become recognized as legal basement suite specialists in the Golden Horseshoe area. Our team has more than tripled in size and looking to grow even further. We are extremely proud of our work and are excited for what the future holds. We work with numerous Real Estate Investors on all types of renovations and income properties. In the coming years we hope to expand into new markets and ventures.

 Now that you know a bit about the company we invite you to get to know the team.