The Camrose Job

We completed another one of our basement unit renovations in Welland this past week and we wanted to showcase it. This reno is a great example of a typical job that we do here at Black Jack. This is also a good example of the type of place our clients love. This house is located on Camrose Ave. in Welland ON , just off of a main road that connects to town.

This house had an already empty and open basement which is, of course, a great start. However, it did suffer something that many of the houses we work on do: messy electrical. Now this may scare some in the beginning, but it may help you to remember that when we take on these renos we advise our clients to split their electrical service so that each unit has its own panel and meter. This allows each unit’s electricity to be billed separately and gives the tenant control over the circuits in their own unit. Doing this also allows our electricians to clean up any messy wiring on the main floor more easily before closing things up and roughing in the basement unit.

showing the difference between the old electrical panel and the new one we installed.
The old electrical panel (left) compared to the new one including a new cabinet that closes it in and keeps the look of the unit clean.

From here we move into what we often call the trades stage , which is all of the parts of the house that make it a functional home including electrical, plumbing and HVAC . On a this job type, this is normally all about figuring out how to tap into existing plumbing and rearranging the HVAC to make the most of the space and to meet all the legal requirements for a basement suite. But as you can see, this initial work leads to a beautiful finished product as seen here with how the rough plumbing becomes a finished bathroom.

Bathroom renovation from hole in ground to finished product.
Initial dig up for the plumbing and the finished product .

The trades stage is a bit of stop and go process. Each individual trade has its own inspection and, depending on the city you’re working in, this can delay the project. However, once inspections are passed, we can begin to close up walls and turn the unit into a finished and functional dwelling. To us it always seems that once the drywall is hung things move fast and before you know it we’re showing the client around their completed project.

The before and after of the hallway and stairs in the Camrose, Welland renovation.
Before and after of the kitchen renovation on the Camrose, Welland project.
Before and after of the bedrooms on our Camrose, Welland renovation project.

So as you can see, we are quite practiced in turning blank slate basements into a finished apartment. Last year we did over 50 of these units of varying sizes and at different stages. This is just one service we provide for our clients. We also do renovations for home resales (you can see a great example of that here) as well as smaller jobs such as electrical rewires and single room renovations.

This is just one project in one city. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us or learn more about us by following us on social media.

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