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Hey everybody, welcome to our new site. This new site has been one of our many new initiatives at Black Jack to grow the company and move forward. We stand on the precipice of a new decade which means there is no better time to start getting everything where we want it to be, to plan for the future and begin to act on it.  So let’s start with taking stock of where we are.

This past year marked our 3rd in business as general contractors. It has been three years of learning and growing , but mostly learning. We started as electrical contractors and we love to explain the vastness and depth of the electrical code compared to other trades, but becoming general contractors was a whole new game because it now meant we had to know about everything, so yes lots and lots of new information became part of life. Now we don’t say this as a a negative in fact quite the opposite, the chance to learn all this new information was exciting to no end and starting a new business venture was even more exciting. 

And as we learned, took on projects and succeeded, we began to grow.  In our three years we have nearly tripled in size, gone from three employees to 10 and completed dozens (bordering on hundreds) of legal basement suite renovations. The biggest change has been our clientele. As with most start up businesses we took any client we could at first but now with our reputation behind us we’ve moved to working mainly with investors which has meant a much more steady stream of jobs, which has allowed us this wonderful growth.

So, that’s how we got here more or less , so what now? Well first we have to get through the holidays but that’s nothing new. What is new is our goals, we plan on expanding into new markets. We plan on growing further and working with a wider group of investors. So as a result we’ve been out, networking, talking , shaking hands , all those things that you do in the beginning and never stop in fact we do it more now. To that end we’ve signed on as sponsors for the Reite Club, a group of real estate investors sharing their stories and education with each other. This has been a great source for networking and we encourage anyone looking to get into this market to join a group like this, it will help you immensely. 

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That’s the external efforts now let’s talk about the internal. The biggest change internally? Well, you’re on it, our website. When we began this company the owners did a very reasonable and wise thing, they outsourced. When you don’t have a skill set, and don’t have the time to develop a new one, don’t be ashamed to hire out. Our website until now was an outsourced job, and it sufficed. But now we’re fortunate enough to have someone in house who can develop a new website and online marketing initiatives, you know like writing blogs…. To this end we’re also developing a greater social media presence ( I encourage you to follow us on your platform of choice to see our work on a daily basis) and to create engaging content to entertain and educate. 

The long and short of this is, we’re growing. We are moving more and more outsourced tasks in house which is a mark of success that we are very proud of and look forward to the day when we are a completely self contained business. So to wrap this up let’s send out some thanks. Thanks first to our employees, who’s hard work is the reason we succeed. A big thanks to our clients , especially the clients who have worked with us on numerous projects, we’ve grown because of and with you and look forward to more. Thanks to our sub-contractors , you enable us to complete these projects in a timely fashion and have happy clients. Finally thank you to you reading this, whether you fall into any of the previous categories or you are entirely new to us, we know your time is a precious commodity and we thank you for spending some of it to get to know us better. Please follow us on social media and check back often as this post is but the first of many. 


-The Black Jack Contracting Inc Team.

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